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Updated stories nominated for the Ficlet Category!

So far the following stories have been nominated.

Legacy - G: NancyBrooke

Oaths Forsworn - PG: Rhapsody

A Chance Conversation- G: Songspinner

March Frost - PG: SilverMoonLady

The Arming of Theoden - PG13: LadyHawksShadow

Five Drabbles - Advice, Dawn's First Kiss, Rainwashed, Sleeping Beauty and The Touch - PG, R, PG-13, R, and PG-13: Legorfilinde

Letter from Elladan & Letter Received - PG: Jay of Lasgalen

The Prophet - PG13: Haleth

Son of Finwë - PG13: Minuialeth

The River - T: Indigo Bunting

Singing into the Wind - R: JastaElf

Quel Fara - G: Fileg

Maitimo - K+: Liek

Luck From The Ashes - K: Raksha The Demon

Lost - K: Radbooks

One Last Time - PG13: Laur_Melyanna

To nominate other fictions, please send the following information to
Category submitted to:
Story name:
Story Rating:
Working story link:
Author name:
Author working e-mail:
Can your name be enclosed as the nominator or anonymous:
Nominators working e-mail and internet name:
Tags: ficlet

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