Alassante (alassante) wrote in mpas_awards,

Updated stories Nominated for Humour Category!

So far the following stories have been nominated:

Pirates of the Carrack Breeland- PG: Fishgoat

Celeborn and Galadriel Speak...sort-of - R: Inglor

Fell Beast II - PG: SpaceWeavil

Real Men Wear Jewelry - G: Mouse

If Women Had Ruled Middle-Earth - G: Mouse

The Politically Correct Tale of Tinuviel - PG: The Last Temptation of Homer

Matching Again - T: Del Rion

This Too Shall Pass....- G: Isabeau

The Diary of Elrond- T : Leggylover03

Galadriel's Lay- G: Llinos

To nominate other fictions, please send the following information to
Category submitted to:
Story name:
Story Rating:
Working story link:
Author name:
Author working e-mail:
Can your name be enclosed as the nominator or anonymous:
Nominators working e-mail and internet name:
Tags: humour

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