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Updated stories nominated in the Drama/Angst category

So far the following stories have been nominated:

Marchwarden: Son of Guilin - R: Kenaz

Faint - PG13: Amebrindra and Legorfilinde

Moving Mountains - PG13: SilverMoonLady

Paradox of the Fourth Age - NC17: Alassante

About Saelbeth - R: Aearwen

Till End of Time - R: Aearwen

Morgul - R: SpaceWeavil

This Present Darkness - R: Lamiel

Inspirare - G: Ariel

Even the Odds - R: MorierBlackleaf

Black and White - T: Mistopurr

Make It One for Paladin - R: Marta

The End of All Things - R: Katzilla

Arwen's Heart - G: Bodkin

Stillness of Grief - T: Liek

For the Love of the Lord of the White Tree - PG: Legolass

Treasures and Momentos - PG: MarigoldG

A Lonely Love - NC17: Erviniae

The Trees Remember - M: Ironic Echo

The Tale of Marian - M: Rana1

By the Sea - R: Fyalee

To nominate other fictions, please send the following information to
Category submitted to:
Story name:
Story Rating:
Working story link:
Author name:
Author working e-mail:
Can your name be enclosed as the nominator or anonymous:
Nominators working e-mail and internet name:
Tags: drama/angst

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