Alassante (alassante) wrote in mpas_awards,

Updated stories nominated in the MIA Category

The following stories have been nominated:

Feud - NC17: Erobey/Narcolinde

Dawn Twilight - PG13: Viv

Ronin - NC17: Amebrindra and Legorfilinde

The Face of the Sun- R: Nildrohain

The Journey- NC17: Batsojopo

The Teacher - NC17: Ninde_Nenharma

The Librarian - NC17: Oulangi

Dark Forest - M: Anarithilien

Hidden Agenda - R: Sheraiah

Golden Vanity - M: LadyJanelly

Hide & Seek - NC17: Peej

To nominate other fictions, please send the following information to
Category submitted to:
Story name:
Story Rating:
Working story link:
Author name:
Author working e-mail:
Can your name be enclosed as the nominator or anonymous:
Nominators working e-mail and internet name:
Tags: mia
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