March 7th, 2006

LOTR-Galadriel pouring water

Updated Stories Nominated in the Naughty Category

So far the following stories have been nominated.

Knowledge Not in Any Book - NC17: Kenaz

Küssen Verboten - R: Nikkiling

The Taste - NC17: Amebrindra and Legorfilinde

Forbidden Fruit - NC17: Eremir

The Tart - NC17: SilverMoonLady

Nan Elmoth Diaries - NC17: Aearwen

Return to Smut - NC17: KrazyKataave

Painful Memories - NC17: Morier Blackleaf

Faramir's Wicked Adventures - NC17: LadyHawksShadow

The Soft Dive of Oblivion - NC17: GhettoElleth

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